Our Commitment

Acuris is committed to delivering a safe, hygienic event experience for all our attendees, partners, contractors and suppliers. This peace of mind will allow you to focus on a productive event experience - forging new business connections and gaining insights that drive success.

All Acuris events will be run in accordance with official government policy and local authority guidance. Our team are working closely with each of our host venues to implement specific procedures that are appropriate for the particular style and location of the event.

Our commitment to all participants is to provide confidence that an enhanced standard of safety and compliance will be followed for every event we organise:


Technology will be used on-site to adapt traditional touchpoint areas. Registration will be fully self-service to enable a contactless experience.

Acuris events will be organised to facilitate social distancing according to local regulations. All conference rooms and networking areas will be adjusted to allow programme formats to proceed safely.

Handheld microphones for audience Q&A will be replaced with the option to send questions to the speakers via the event website, or raising hands where the group is small enough.

Alternatives to handshakes will be strongly encouraged to reduce hand-to-hand contact between attendees.


Our event venues will adopt stricter standards of cleaning throughout the course of every event. All areas will be deep cleaned before and after the event, with sanitisation of areas that receive regular contact.

Personal hygiene facilities will be provided to ensure regular hand-washing is possible, with multiple stations for hand sanitiser and clean tissues.

Food service will be adapted to ensure the highest hygiene standards. Catering may be served as plated meals or through a screened buffet with additional food and drink stations to avoid congestion and reduce queues.

Participants will be requested to wear facemasks when regulations or specific venue policies require it.


We will coordinate with local public health authorities, if necessary, to contact and trace event participants in accordance with data privacy regulations.

Matters relating to health and safety of participants will be clearly communicated, with signage, floor markings and verbal instructions from Acuris and venue partners.

First-aid and medical assistance will be available at every event, with procedures for isolation and treatment should participants feel unwell during the course of an event.